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Your Hidden Retreat Near Tikal Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

When you’re looking to explore the incredible Tikal Mayan ruins and the charming town of Flores in Peten, Hotel Villa Maya is a great option. What I love about this Tikal hotel is its fantastic location, nestled between the delightful Isla de Flores and the Tikal National Park. It’s pretty close to all the action, yet it manages to feel secluded and cozy, surrounded by lush jungle and with breathtaking views of two pristine lagoons.

Best hotels near Tikal Guatemala

Tikal is a must-visit in Guatemala, known for its incredible Mayan ruins. But planning a Tikal adventure requires some careful thought, especially when it comes to choosing your Tikal hotel. In my guide to Tikal, I’ve got you covered with valuable tips to make the most of your visit. I’ll tell you the best times to explore, how to pick the perfect hotel inside the park, and how long your stay should be for an enriching experience in the Peten region.

Hotel Villa Maya best hotels in Tikal Guatemala

Your Gateway to Tikal Guatemala

Now, you might be wondering where to set up camp during your Tikal adventure. Should you go for a Tikal hotel, soak up the charms of Isla de Flores in Peten, or maybe strike a balance between both? Here’s where Hotel Villa Maya comes into play. It’s super convenient, just a 15-minute hop from Mundo Maya International Airport. In a mere 20-minute drive, you’ll find yourself in the captivating embrace of Isla de Flores. But here’s the kicker: Tikal National Park is just 45 minutes away, beckoning you to explore its ancient wonders. And if you’re up for even more Mayan magic, the Yaxha ruins are a breeze to reach in about an hour from the hotel. This smart positioning makes it a breeze to dive into diverse adventures across the Peten area, ensuring every moment is packed with unforgettable experiences.

best hotels near Tikal

Retreat to Nature’s Tranquility: Hotel Villa Maya, Nature Enthusiast’s Paradise

Hotel Villa Maya isn’t just a spot to kick back; it’s a full-blown adventure in the heart of Guatemala’s untouched wilderness. Tucked away on a private reserve hugging the tranquil shores of the Petenchel and Monifata lagoons, this place is a dream come true for nature lovers like us. The sprawling grounds are crisscrossed with walking trails that wind through the lush jungle, offering sneak peeks of those postcard-perfect lagoon views. You’ll also find serene gardens adorned with replicas of Mayan stelae, providing a peaceful backdrop for exploration and quiet contemplation.

best hotels near Tikal

The hotel’s surroundings are an animal lover’s paradise. From the boisterous howler monkeys to a colorful cast of tropical birds and even turtles and crocs in the lagoon, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a wildlife documentary. And as someone who adores nature, Hotel Villa Maya is a top pick in my book. It’s where the natural wonders outside blend seamlessly with modern comforts inside. The hotel even pitches in on conservation efforts, raising white-tailed deer, peccaries, parrots, and other tropical birds right on its sanctuary grounds.

Villa Maya where to stay near Tikal Guatemala

If you’re all about relaxation, there’s a meticulously kept pool and a smaller one, both tucked amid vibrant greenery. Lounging by the pool is an immersive experience, with a chance to spot colorful birds and the occasional playful monkey swinging by. Just keep in mind that the pool can get deep, especially if you’ve got little ones in tow. During the busy high season, it might get a tad crowded due to its compact size. But during the more peaceful stretches of low or shoulder season, you could have the whole pool to yourself—just like I did.

Hotel Villa Maya best hotels in Tikal Guatemala

Villa Maya lays out walking and biking trails for your wild adventures. You can rent bikes and binoculars, making sure you don’t miss any action. For a taste of old-school equestrian fun, they even offer horseback riding.

Trails at hotel Villa Maya in Guatemala

One of the highlights of my stay was those early morning walks along the trails. With howler monkeys and birds putting on a symphony to greet the day, I felt like I was part of nature’s grand performance. And let me tell you, those lagoon views from the trails are pure magic, especially in the soft light of the early morning.

Comfort Meets Nature: Spacious Retreat at Hotel Villa Maya

These air-conditioned rooms are bright and inviting offering a spacious and welcoming retreat. I love their tasteful decor, seamlessly blending that tropical jungle vibe with a modern touch. They’ve got it just right with natural materials like wood and those soothing neutral colors, perfectly in tune with the surroundings.

Tikal Hotel Villa Maya review

The rooms come with furnished balconies, and you can wake up to views of the garden, the lush forest, or the serene lagoon. But if you ask me, the lagoon view is where the magic happens. I truly enjoyed watching the sun paint the sky with its warm colors during sunrise or bidding the day farewell with a breathtaking sunset over those calm waters. It’s like having your own private show of nature’s finest moments.

Villa Maya hotel near Tikal Guatemala

Now, onto a topic we all take seriously—the bathroom. Hotel Villa Maya doesn’t disappoint here either. The bathrooms are roomy, giving you all the space you need. This dedication to comfort takes your stay at Hotel Villa Maya up a notch, proving that it’s the place to be for those who appreciate the finer details of their home away from home.

Tikal Hotel Villa Maya review

Culinary Delights at Villa Maya Restaurant

During my exploration of Tikal, I had the pleasure of dining at various restaurants, and one of my favorites was  the Villa Maya restaurant. It was a culinary adventure that not only delighted the taste buds but also left me mesmerized by its stunning surroundings. Whether you’re calling Hotel Villa Maya your home or stopping by from a distance, I wholeheartedly recommend treating yourself to the exquisite offerings of this exceptional restaurant.

Hotel Villa Maya restaurant

What makes the Villa Maya restaurant stand out is its diverse menu, a culinary journey that knows no borders. You’ve got a passport to flavors here, ranging from traditional Guatemalan food to international delights, each plate narrating a tale of culinary mastery. But what truly had me captivated were the dishes infused with traditional Guatemalan and locally sourced ingredients, some of which you can only find in the Peten area. These inventive Guatemalan fusion creations  delivered a dining experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind in the region.

Hotel Villa Maya restaurant

Nestled amidst the enchanting beauty of nature, with its open-air design, it gifts you with breathtaking views of the lagoon. I loved dining with a backdrop of a vibrant sunrise or the soft glow of a sunset. Every meal at Villa Maya restaurant is a harmonious blend of flavors and atmosphere, a feast for both your palate and your eyes.

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